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Lee Burton FMS


Co-Founder at Functional Movement Systems


Dr. Lee Burton has an extensive background in sports medicine and strength and conditioning. He currently consults with a wide variety of professional sports organizations as well as leading health and fitness facilities on injury prevention and performance enhancement.  He lectures both nationally and internationally on various topics in the fields of sports medicine and strength and conditioning. Dr. Burton is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and one of the founding owners of Functional Movement Systems.

Charlie Steffens - Bridge

Charlie Steffens

VP of Business Development at BridgeAthletic


Charlie Steffens is the Vice President of Business Development at BridgeAthletic, overseeing the company's partnerships with elite coaches, professional sports teams, and tactical organizations throughout the world. As a former professional athlete, he understands the importance of injury prevention and performance enhancement and uses his background in athletics to guide strategic go-to-market, partnership, and sales management decisions for BridgeAthletic. He loves being able to combine his passion for wellness, technology, and social impact in a professional setting.

In this webinar you'll learn...

  1. loupe

    Screening basics

    How to see which movements the person can perform well, which ones are difficult, and which ones are painful.

  2. check

    Protect, correct, and develop

    How to protect from exercises that could be harmful, correct poor movements and develop good ones.

  3. dumbbells

    Making exercise decisions

    How to use FMS results to make your exercise program more focused and individualized.

  4. technical-support

    Bridging the gap

    How to view reports and auto-generate corrective exercises for each athlete using BridgeAthletic.

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