Bridge x EXOS Partnership


How to design a master program and customize it for individual athletes with EXOS.


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Giovani Urrutia

Tactical Education Specialist at Exos


Giovani Urrutia has created and delivered over 4500 hours of performance methodology education to elite level tactical populations including the Department of Defense, international Special Operations, and more. He has also provided performance coaching for NFL, NBA, NHL, and PGA athletes. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Exos Performance Specialist (XPS). He has provided valuable subject matter expertise and original educational materials to support the integration of digital training platforms into the Exos methodology.


Matt Parvis

Director of Tactical & Elite Performance at Bridge


Matt Parvis is the Director of Tactical and Elite Performance for BridgeAthletic and has been a human performance professional for 20 years. His experience includes private, collegiate, and professional sports as well as a civilian role in special operations military organizations. In his current role at BridgeAthletic, he oversees business development and account management for Tactical organizations. He holds BS and MS degrees from West Virginia University, an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, and multiple strength and conditioning-related certifications.

In this webinar you'll learn...

  1. lightbulb

    Exos basics

    What is the Exos methodology and how can you apply it to your day-to-day workflow?

  2. Calendar

    Long-term planning

    What are the long-term benefits of organizing your programming around the Exos system?

  3. dumbbells

    Bridge builder

    Where can Exos video movements and templates be found and used in Bridge?

  4. rocket-ship

    On-the-fly edits

    How can I individualize Exos programs by quickly swapping exercises, blocks, and workouts?

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