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How Travis Mash grew his online training business, Mash Elite, revenue by 40% 




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Travis Mash

Travis Mash is a champion powerlifter and world-class weightlifting coach. He has coached hundreds of professionals, Division 1 athletes, Olympians, the Nike Sparq Football Combine, and 30 Team USA Weightlifters. In addition to training athletes through Mash Elite for over 15 years, Travis works as the Head Men’s and Women's Weightlifting Coach at Lenoir-Rhyne University. Travis is a published author of several Strength and Conditioning journals and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Performance.

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Mash Elite

Mash Elite is a training facility coaching athletes of all ages. It was established in 1999 by world champion Travis Mash as a way to share his 21+ years of knowledge and barbell experience with others. Mash Elite replicates the same programming protocols used by Olympians and makes them accessible to the everyday athlete to reach their goals. Mash Elite provides customized programming, unlimited video analysis, and an extensive collection of ebooks on every subject from muscle building to nutrition to mindset.


The Power of Efficiency

Travis chose Bridge for programming and selling online training to help him be more efficient with his time while staying detail-oriented and still putting his athlete’s needs first. His previous process for building individual programs using Google Sheets and Excel was taking him over 20 hours each week. After switching to BridgeAthletic as his online platform, he began delivering the same high-quality programming but at a larger scale due to how efficiently he was able to build.  He is no longer wasting time rebuilding work and has been able to invest those extra hours into elevating his programming even more.

“Using features in Bridge such as custom exercises and cues, I'm able to provide training similar to what I use in-person with Olympic athletes without the added time and work."
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Creating Your Niche

Travis utilized his expertise to build out world-class programming for his store so it can function as “hands-off” and does not need constant updates or individualized work.  He did this by creating elaborate, detailed programs with custom videos featuring his elite athletes. He added in voice memos giving instructions and educational articles to support his teaching points. He then set up different pricing structures and program options so athletes could purchase more 1-on-1 time for specific training. 

Mash Elite

By offering exclusive facetime, he is able to sell something no one else can — his expertise. The different tiers Travis offers within his store cater to a wide range of athletes without overextending himself or lowering the quality of training. He continues to put a unique spin on his programming and hone in on his knowledge by adding educational elements to all of his packages. His goal is to give his athletes more knowledge on proper form, training, and ways to take care of themselves.

"The ability to upload media such as videos and PDFs to blocks has been a game-changer for the way I build programs and think of the structure of the program. I add in additional education to every week of the program so athletes can learn more about nutrition, monitoring, and form."

"Hands-Off" Money

Mash Elite has been an established e-commerce business for 20+ years selling Travis’ books and resources to others in the industry. The missing piece of the puzzle was finding a way to also sell online programming to grow the business and brand. Travis set up his Online Store making sure to explain in great detail the goal and expectations of the training. After launching the Online Store, Mash Elite increased its income by 40%, demonstrating the power of building and selling world-class programming.

This became a hands-off way for Mash Elite to monetize their online audience without the constant work and attention programming for online athletes previously took. With the time Travis put in up-front he was able to trust the product he was marketing through social media and his newsletter, growing his online training clients from 15 to over 150 clients

“With Bridge, the possibilities are endless for how far you can take your programming and how many more athletes you can educate."
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Favorite Bridge Features

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Custom video exercises


Exercise Cues


Upload media to blocks


In-app communication

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From Travis Mash
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    Look at what someone in your field is doing well, do that free, and then do something better.

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    Have an abundance mindset, especially when creating training programs

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    If you put in the time upfront, you can create "hands-off" money

“I believe in having an abundance mindset in my training. That means taking the extra time to do things right and really go in-depth with my programming. Without Bridge, I wouldn't be able to scale what I do because I wouldn't have that extra time. But since Bridge makes it so efficient to build, I can create more elaborate programs and add those educational resources that really set my courses apart. That has been what has allowed me to grow my audience without settling for lower-quality content just to save time."


Travis Mash

Mash Elite

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