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About FMS

Functional Movement Systems (FMS) provides the leading principles and methodologies to help fitness professionals help their athletes move well. The FMS assessment is widely used by coaches and trainers to identify areas of physical strength and weakness, prescribe corrective exercises, and mitigate injury.

BridgeAthletic algorithms, reporting, and ability to auto-generate correctives complements FMS expertise by saving time and making it easier to incorporate FMS into any strength and performance plan.

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FMS will accelerate your athlete's movement journey



Quickly identifies strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.


Recommends and prioritizes corrective exercises based on individual FMS scores.


650+ of FMS corrective exercises and templates
now available in the Bridge program builder.


Analyze training history, performance gains, and track FMS scores over time.

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"Our goal at FMS has always been to provide movement data to assist the professional in achieving better outcomes. The struggle for many professionals has too often been how to best implement the FMS into their program. The BridgeAthletic algorithms, reporting and ability to auto-generate correctives solves this problem by saving time, making it much easier to incorporate FMS into any strength and performance plan."


Lee Burton

Co-Founder, FMS

"We’re pleased to partner with FMS to improve outcomes for athletes everywhere. FMS is the leader in movement education and one of our industries most respected methodologies. Our technology empowers coaches, trainers, and athletes around the world at the highest levels of sport. We’re excited to work with FMS to keep executing on our mission to improve outcomes with an emphasis on movement education."


Charlie Steffens

VP Business Development, BridgeAthletic
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Improve Performance & Injury Prevention to More Athletes in Less Time

You can now conduct the Functional Movement Screen directly within the BridgeAthletic app. Once completed, our algorithm automatically identifies the most important areas of focus and recommends the best set of corrective exercises to assign to your athlete.

Flexibility & Customization with the FMS Library

You can easily add a block of FMS correctives to any program that you are building in the BridgeAthletic software. We've also added hundreds of FMS-curated movements to the already-extensive video library available within your account.

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Alongside Bridge's robust training history and analytics module, you can now track FMS scores over time as well. Quickly view how a client’s actual performance for a corrective stacks up to what was prescribed. Further mitigate injury by easily viewing linear progression, RPE, and readiness.

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